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Non-alcoholic drink Wikipedia.
However, most drinks advertised as non-alcoholic" or alcohol" free" sold by countries with zero tolerance with state-run liquor monopoly, actually contain alcohol. Finland has a quite high ABV regulation for non-alcoholic drinks that are classified as alcoholic drink by most other countries.
Drink: are alcohol-free alternatives finally coming of age? Soft drinks The Guardian.
Drink: are alcohol-free alternatives finally coming of age? With more and more of us choosing to drink little or no booze these days, its boom time for the alcohol-free market. Marketeers are muscling in with a raft of decent alcohol-free tipples.
Alcohol-free definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
It warns when you are overdoing it and gives practical tips on cutting down, such as taking alcohol-free days and not drinking before you hit the pub. The Sun 2016. Switch to smaller glasses and have at least one alcohol-free day a week.
Alcohol-free Drinks For Adults The Alcohol-Free Shop.
Choosing a non-alcoholic beer or an alcohol-free wine is the new normal. Go sober for a few nights a week, a few weeks at a time, or give up for good if thats your goal. A new generation of alcohol-free drinks for adults delivered safely and quickly to your home.

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